For a faster approach to user’s favourite games our Android app provides a feature to create an app icon on user’s device home screen.

This icon can be created by a number of different ways:

  • if a user plays your game for a decent amount of time we suggest him to create an icon automatically;
  • user can create an icon by himself using a special button available in game’s WebView header menu;
  • you can show a suggest screen by using a specific SDK method.


Usage example

To make a suggest menu appear you need to use OKApp.suggestDesktopIcon().

Since this method is not available on old app versions it is highly recommended to check if method is available first.

* Suggest user to create an app's icon on device's home screen via OKAndroidSDK
function suggestDesktopIcon() {
    if (OKApp && OKApp.suggestDesktopIcon) {

Please keep in mind that this is a void-method at the moment. It won’t return any result and it does not require a callback function to be passed.

For a menu to be displayed following conditions must be met:

  • menu was not shown to a user in a current game session by any way possible (listed above);
  • user did not create a home screen icon for your game yet.

If both conditions are met menu will be shown after you’ve called this method. You can’t show this menu twice in a row in a same game session. If user has declined to create an icon you can’t show it again, too.