General information

This is a new version of API available only for apps opened in an iframe

Android app provides an additional way to monetize your games in OK - in-app ads.

In-app ads work only for games that are launched in a WebView.

All ads are provided by a third-party advertiser and are user targeted. We can’t affect on ads availability for users or or on what specific ad must be shown to him.

As an addition to this we do not limit amount or frequency of ads shown anyhow. You are free to choose how many ads you want to show to a player but we do recommend not to abuse this feature.

This feature is implemented on your side by two steps:

  • check if ads are available at the moment;
  • show an ad to user.

Please do consider that this feature is not available on our older app versions and it is better to check methods’ availability before calling them.

Rewarded ads

This type of ads is used for cases when you are planning to reward a player after he has viewed an ad. You can search for an ad by a one API-method and then show it to user by another API-method on a specific user action.

Implementation manual is available by this link.

Interstitial ads

Interstitial ads are fullscreen ads for Android platform that can be shown between game activities.

Implementation manual is available by this link.