Promo image in user's feed

To apply for a new promo event use the following form

OK Games platform can provide an assistance for in-game promo events that are currently running in game.

At the moment we provide an additional promotion via featuring a game banner at the top of user’s feed.

Here is an example on how it looks:

Feed promo

Promo events conditions

  • all information about promo event must be provided 7 days prior to it’s start;
  • first day’s income should be at least 2 times greater than common day’s income;
  • only published apps can participate in a promo event;
  • time period for which we support an event depends on it’s success and it’s length.

Requirement for promo event materials to run them on OK Games platform

All promo materials should be send at least 2 days prior to event start.

Banner requirements:

  • size: 546 x 245;
  • must contain game logo;
  • must contain a call-to-action button;
  • all event information must be available in game.