How is the “Featuring” list compiled for mobile and web games?

Once a week we choose games with the highest indicator in the geometric mean for the following parameters:

  • % of payers
  • summary average retention for the week (retention 1st + retention 7th + retention 30th)
  • % of the week’s payments that have been made by users that had never bought anything for OK
  • average LTV (LifeTime Value) for the week

The following games cannot make it to the featuring list:

  • WAU is less than 30,000 unique users (for mobile HTML games – 5,000 uniques)
  • if the game is in top 10 (as such games have enough organic traffic). This rule extends only to web games.

How are TOP games determined?

According to the formula (previous day’s DAU/ previous week’s WAU)* OKs that the game gained the previous day. The portal has 16 different tops that are determined according to users’ gender and age. You can view all the tops at this link The game can make it to a top only after it has been in the “New” section for more than 2 weeks.

The Odnoklassniki platform has several promotion methods: