Branded and Promotional Applications

Note that all mechanics of promotional applications must be approved by Mail.Ru Group commercial department in advance to avoid disputable points and situations, when the application fails moderation due to its non-compliance.

If you have questions related to the placement of branded applications, please contact Yana Gunzova at

Promotional (branded) applications are a useful tool for advertisers, as they allow unobtrusive promotion of a brand/product/service.
Promotional applications help the advertiser to build an image, destroy perception barriers, demonstrate good qualities of services or products, and motivate social network users to purchase – all that by providing users with an entertainment application or a useful service application.
An entertainment application can be understood to mean a mini game, competition, test, etc. It can be short-term (1 month) or long-term.
A new service will require more effort from the advertiser and developer, however, it is supposed to be used for a long period.

The Odnoklassniki team recommends developers/advertisers consider users’ needs when creating a promotional application, and analyze why the user should take an interest in this specific application.
Based on our experience of placing promotional applications, we strongly recommend: upload applications to the sandbox on as early as possible to learn how the application works on the site and have it tested by professional testers. Content-wise, we recommend to invite for testing users that are not related to the advertiser and the application development process. This will help to determine whether the application works well and how user-friendly and interesting it is.

Advertisers and developers should mindful of the fact that the icon and the application name must not be branded, which means the company logo and name/brand cannot be used. In the application itself, branding can be used at the discretion of the advertiser. External links for such applications are permitted.

A promotional application is an application that mentions a brand.

To learn more about the placement of promotional applications, contact us at

Requirements for Promotional Applications

  • a promotional application must comply with the advertising law;
  • the application version must be a full, working and tested. Tested by application developers;
  • Odnoklassniki does not host any data from the application. All the data comes from the developer’s servers, as well as icons, so the developer should have sufficient server resources (min. 7000 users playing at the same time, 15,000 joining users per hour, more than 250,000 simultaneous 128x128 image requests). Due to high load on the application icon – it is called about 50,000 times per hour, as the user comes to the application section and sees it – we strongly advise that the icon is located on a separate server. The application icon must be cashed.
  • there should be a Customer Support Team, so that users can report issues with the application and ask questions;
  • if the application wants to post information on an in-game action performed by the user in the user’s news feed (e.g. about achieving a level or receiving a reward), every time before posting news it must ask the user for permission to do that (inside the application). Without the user’s permission, the information must not get into the news feed;
  • the application must not contain elements listed in the “Restrictions” section;
  • the “About the developer” section of the site must contain some details about the application and developer. The form should be added to JIRA together with the application;
  • requirements for icons are standard.

Application access restrictions

  • Ethical
    • Games for OKs and in-game currency: card games and other games that let players win money or its equivalent from a partner.
    • Games of chance for OKs and in-game currency: roulette, slot machines, casino, including relevant mini-games inside the main game.
    • Promoting religious or political views.
    • Is a direct clone of an existing application.
  • Competitive
    • Has a shared player database from other portals (solved on a case-by-case basis).
  • Legal
    • Inciting hatred against a national or religious group.
    • Promoting violence.
    • Violating copyright.
    • Other cases stated in the laws of Russian Federation.

Interaction when placing promotional applications

  • Once the application is complete and tested by the developer, the developer should send it for moderation by completing the form in the Jira system, so that the application is reviewed by the Odnoklassniki website.
  • When registering the application form in the Jira system, it should be indicated in the title that this form is related to promotional applications.
  • An example of what should be written in the title: [APP] Garden of Freshness.
  • Each case is reviewed separately. The site administration reserves the right to not allow an application for other reasons.
  • The form is reviewed in one workday. All comments and questions are addressed in the form created.

Application statistics

  • Odnoklassniki does not predict the number of application installations.
  • The application developers will have access to the following site statistics: the number of application launches; the number of new launches per hour/day; user’s age/gender.
  • If necessary, statistics from AdRiver/Google Analytics systems can be integrated into the application – it is done by the advertiser’s developer. In addition, it is possible to set your own analyzer into the application.
  • All application-related statistics is provided to the advertiser by the application developers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Answers

  • “Install” the application and “Are you sure” buttons – no.
  • HTML-based commercial apps – allowed.
  • A link to an external site in the application is possible.
  • When a user joins the application, the news feed receives a standard post about the user launching the application. Not customized. Customization is possible for an additional fee. Discussed separately.
  • Information about the user’s activity gets into the news feed, but no more than five posts a day from a single user.
  • The application cannot sent the user’s personal data to the developer. The application can give the user a form, which users can fill in if they wish. It is forbidden to request passport data.
  • It is not possible to create and store video files in the application.
  • It is not possible to automate uploading of friends’ and friends of friends’ photo albums, but photos of the user can be uploaded automatically.
  • Inside the application, users can send each other links to results of in-game activities.
  • Inside the application, it is not possible to integrate a button with the transition to another application.
  • Working with notifications:
    • It is possible for the application to send notifications to the user; the following information should be considered:
    • Every new notification replaces the previous one, i.e. when receiving the second notification, the user might not have read the first one.
    • The user can always unsubscribe from receiving notifications.
    • If the user does not start the application via three subsequent notifications, the forth is not sent.