Extended app creation

How to create an app

For most of new apps this manual is redundant. Please consider using this manual

To create an app you need to:

  1. Register on Odnoklassniki and link an email to your account to receive emails with app data;
  2. Obtain developer rights at https://ok.ru/devaccess
  3. After obtaining developer rights you will get a link to add apps or external sites. Open Games and select “My downloads” on top.

Press “Add app” button.

Fill out this form:


App settings

  • Title – application’s name that will be used in all catalogs, notifications, topics and messages.
  • Shortname – unique name that will be used in app links. Should contain latin symbols only. Supported only for approved (launched on platform) apps.
  • Description – your application description that will be used in topics and banners (max chars - 250).
  • Application type:
    • HTML / Flash – platform to enable app on https://ok.ru.
    • HTML (Mobile) – platform to enable app on https://m.ok.ru.
    • External – platform for OAuth authorization on external sites.
    • iOS/Android - platform for native iOS and Android apps.
  • Links to 128х128, 50х50, 230x150, 1280x720 icons – these icons should be hosted on externally. Used for displaying app in topics, messages, catalogs and other places.
  • App link – a link that will be opened if an is launched on OK (in iframe for HTML apps and directly for mobile apps).
  • Callback link – link to your payments verification service (more information here callbacks.payment).
  • Server’s IP addresses – IP addresses from which non-session API method calls are allowed for your app.
  • E-mail for notifications – messages about API platform issues are going to be sent to this e-mail.
  • App size – iframe dimensions (width from 100 to 760px, height from 100 to 4000px). Fullscreen option can be selected, too.

App permissions

App can also require some additional permissions from user to call specific API methods (more info here):

App permissions

Accessing app

If you did everything right, you will soon get a set of keys and an app ID on the email address set in your Odnoklassniki account.

How to access your app:

  • Via Games - My uploads menu
  • Via a direct link: https://ok.ru/game/{application_id}
  • After moderation via a direct link: https://ok.ru/game/{shortname}

To access the settings click “App settings” under the app iframe:

To add other users to your app during the testing stage, click “Developers” and provide the required rights (see user roles).