apps.setVipOffers ✎ Edit on GitHub

Sets in-game offers for VIP users.

names false String

Bonus offer names (comma-separated) Comma-separated list of bonus offers’ names
Max name length - 50 characters
Max amount of offers - 5


Session is prohibited

Required permissions:


App can have as much as 5 VIP offers in total at a time.

Each method’s invocation completely replaces all current VIP offers with new ones.

Each offer receives an id (slot id from 0 to 4). When user starts a game through an VIP offer link parameter vipoffer=N (N = offer slotid) is passed as a customargs parameter value.


{ "success": "boolean" }

Application paramters

User session data


List of paramters

Используем для подписи secret_key = session_secret_key
Используем для подписи secret_key = application_secret_key
Используем для подписи secret_key = MD5(access_token + application_secret_key)
secret_key =
Сортируем и склеиваем параметры запроса и secret_key
Рассчитываем MD5 от полученной строки и получаем параметр sig