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This method makes object liked by current user

like_id true String

Object id received from like_summary

fields false FieldSets

A list of requested fields separated by commas

impression_id false String

Impression id of adv bannner


Session is required

Required permissions:

  • LIKE

The format of the return value matches the format of the method response like.getSummary. Developers are advised to be guided not by the fact of the successful method call, and the actual data returned by the method for updating data (count values and self flag fields) to update the displayed information about the object.


{ "summary": { "count": "Integer", "friend_ids": [ "String" ], "impression_id": "String", "last_like_date_ms": "Long", "like_id": "String", "like_possible": "Boolean", "like_unavailable_reason": "String", "liker_refs": [ "String" ], "self": "Boolean", "unlike_possible": "Boolean" } }

Application paramters

User session data


List of paramters

Используем для подписи secret_key = session_secret_key
Используем для подписи secret_key = application_secret_key
Используем для подписи secret_key = MD5(access_token + application_secret_key)
secret_key =
Сортируем и склеиваем параметры запроса и secret_key
Рассчитываем MD5 от полученной строки и получаем параметр sig