This method displays the user dialog, where you can to confirm an action in applications. This method is used to ensure that the user has been notified of certain critical actions carried out by the application.

If the user has confirmed the action the application will receive the «ok» result. As a result, the resignature value will be sent.


methodMethod name
userTextExplanation action that the application is going to perform.
signatureMethod signature


function publish() {
    var description_utf8 = "Can I publish?";
    var caption_utf8 = "Published text";
    feedPostingObject = {method: 'stream.publish',
                        message: description_utf8,
                     attachment: JSON.stringify({'caption': caption_utf8}),
                   action_links: '[]'
    sig = FAPI.Client.calcSignature(feedPostingObject);
    FAPI.UI.showConfirmation('stream.publish', description_utf8, sig);