Error codes

If a server can not process a request, the HTTP invocation-error header will contain the error code. Besides, the response contains the details in the JSON format.

UNKNOWN1Unknown error
SERVICE2Service temporarily unavailable
METHOD3Method does not exist
REQUEST4Failed to process the request, as it is incorrect
ACTION_BLOCKED7Requested action is temporarily blocked for the current user
FLOOD_BLOCKED8Method execution is blocked due to flood
IP_BLOCKED9Method execution is blocked by IP address due to suspicious activity of the current user or due to other restrictions extending on this method
PERMISSION_DENIED10Permission is denied. A possible cause – the user did not authorize the application for the execution of the operation
LIMIT_REACHED11Request call limit is reached
CANCELLED12Operation is canceled by the user
NOT_MULTIPART21Non multi-part request when adding photos
NOT_ACTIVATED22The user must activate their account
NOT_YET_INVOLVED23The user is not involved in the application
NOT_OWNER24The user is not the owner of the object
NOT_ACTIVE25Notification delivery error. The user is inactive in the application
TOTAL_LIMIT_REACHED26Notification delivery error. Notification limit is reached
NOT_ADMIN50The user does not have administrative rights to execute this method
PARAM100Missing or incorrect parameter
PARAM_API_KEY101The application_key parameter is not indicated or indicated incorrectly
PARAM_SESSION_EXPIRED102Session key has expired
PARAM_SESSION_KEY103Invalid session key
PARAM_SIGNATURE104Invalid signature
PARAM_RESIGNATURE105Invalid resignature
PARAM_ENTITY_ID106Invalid discussion identifier
PARAM_USER_ID110Invalid user identifier
PARAM_ALBUM_ID120Invalid album identifier
PARAM_PHOTO_ID121Invalid photo identifier
PARAM_WIDGET130Invalid widget identifier
PARAM_MESSAGE_ID140Invalid message identifier
PARAM_COMMENT_ID141Invalid comment identifier
PARAM_HAPPENING_ID150Invalid event identifier
PARAM_HAPPENING_PHOTO_ID151Invalid event photo identifier
PARAM_GROUP_ID160Invalid group identifier
PARAM_PERMISSION200Application cannot execute this operation. In most cases, the cause is the attempt to access the operation without the user’s authorization
PARAM_APPLICATION_DISABLED210Application is disabled
PARAM_DECISION211Invalid choice identifier
PARAM_BADGE_ID212Invalid badge identifier
PARAM_PRESENT_ID213Invalid present identifier
PARAM_RELATION_TYPE214Invalid relation type identifier
NOT_FOUND300Request information is not found
EDIT_PHOTO_FILE324Error when processing a multi-part request
AUTH_LOGIN401Authentication failure. Invalid username/password or authentication marker or the user is deleted/blocked
AUTH_LOGIN_CAPTCHA402Authentication failure. Captcha must be entered to verify the user.
AUTH_LOGIN_WEB_HUMAN_CHECK403Authentication failure
NOT_SESSION_METHOD451Session key is indicated, but the method must be called outside the session
SESSION_REQUIRED453Session key is not indicated for a method that requires a session
CENSOR_MATCH454Text is rejected by a censor
FRIEND_RESTRICTION455Operation cannot be executed, as a friend has set a restriction on it (put it on the black list or made their account private)
GROUP_RESTRICTION456Operation cannot be executed, as the group has set a restriction on it
PHOTO_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED500The size of binary content of the image in bytes exceeds the limit
PHOTO_SIZE_TOO_SMALL501Image size in pixels is too small
PHOTO_SIZE_TOO_BIG502Image size in pixels is too big
PHOTO_INVALID_FORMAT503Image format cannot be recognized
PHOTO_IMAGE_CORRUPTED504Image format is recognized, but the content is corrupted
PHOTO_NO_IMAGE505No image found in the request
PHOTO_PIN_TOO_MUCH508Too many pins on the photo
IDS_BLOCKED511Anti-spam check error
PHOTO_ALBUM_NOT_BELONGS_TO_USER512An attempt to use an album or a photo that does not belong to the indicated user
PHOTO_ALBUM_NOT_BELONGS_TO_GROUP513An attempt to use an album or a photo that does not belong to the indicated group
MEDIA_TOPIC_BLOCK_LIMIT600Too many “media” parameters
MEDIA_TOPIC_TEXT_LIMIT601Text length limit is reached
MEDIA_TOPIC_POLL_QUESTION_TEXT_LIMIT602Poll question text length limit is reached
MEDIA_TOPIC_POLL_ANSWERS_LIMIT603Too many answers to the poll
MEDIA_TOPIC_POLL_ANSWER_TEXT_LIMIT604Poll answer text length limit is reached
MEDIA_TOPIC_WITH_FRIENDS_LIMIT605Limit of marked friends is reached
MEDIA_TOPIC_WITH_FRIENDS_USER_LIMIT606Limit of marked friends is reached (user-specific)
GROUP_DUPLICATE_JOIN_REQUEST610Group join request is already registered
COMMENT_NOT_FOUND700Comment is not found
INVALID_AUTHOR701An attempt to edit a comment that does not belong to the user
COMMENT_NOT_ACTIVE702An attempt to edit a deleted commentName Code Description
TIMEOUT_EXCEEDED704Editing timeout is exceeded
CHAT_NOT_FOUND705Chat is not found
MESSAGE_NOT_ACTIVE706An attempt to edit a deleted message
NO_SUCH_APP900Returns when trying to get open information for a non-existing application
CALLBACK_INVALID_PAYMENT1001Error is returned by the application server to notify about incorrect information on transaction
PAYMENT_IS_REQUIRED_PAYMENT1002Payment is required to use the service
INVALID_PAYMENT1003Invalid payment transaction
DUPLICATE_PAYMENT1004Payment requests are too frequent
NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY1005The user account does not have enough money
VCHAT_SERVICE_DISABLED1101Video chat is disabled
TARGET_USER_UNAVAILABLE1102The user is unavailable for video-chat or video message
FRIENDSHIP_REQUIRED1103The indicated user must be a friend
BATCH1200Batch call error
APP_NO_PLATFORM_ALLOWED1300Platforms for the application are notset
APP_DEVICE_NOT_ALLOWED1301The indicated device is not available
APP_DEVICE_NOT_SPECIFIED1302Device is not indicated
APP_EMPTY_SEARCH_PARAMS1400Location search error
GRAPH_PARAM_REQUEST: Wrong request format2001Invalid POST-content type (Graph API). Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8 should be specified
SYSTEM9999Critical system error. Notify the support service

Additional codes for error 100 “invalid parameter”

Returns error_data in the field, in this case the field error_field contains the name of an invalid parameter.

NOT_NULL1Parameter must be indicated
NOT_EMPTY2Parameter must not be empty
IS_EMPTY3Parameter must be empty
MAX_ELEMENTS4Restriction on the number of elements
MIN_LENGTH5Parameter is too short
MAX_LENGTH6Parameter is too long
MIN_VALUE7Parameter value is too small
MAX_VALUE8Parameter value is too big
RANGE9Parameter value must be in the indicated range
BAD_SYMBOLS10Parameter value contains invalid symbols


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns2:error_response xmlns:ns2="">
     <error_msg>PARAM_API_KEY : No application key</error_msg>
    "error_code" : 100,
    "error_msg" : "PARAM : Either session_key or uid must be specified",
    "error_data" : "1",
    "error_field" : "uid"