Errors handling

If a server can not process a request, the HTTP invocation-error header will contain the error code. Besides, the response contains the details in the XML or JSON format.

Error codes:

UNKNOWN1Unknown error
SERVICE2Service temporarily unavailable
METHOD3Method does not exist
REQUEST4Failed to process the request, as it is incorrect
ACTION_BLOCKED7Requested action is temporarily blocked for the current user
FLOOD_BLOCKED8Method execution is blocked due to flood
IP_BLOCKED9Method execution is blocked by IP address due to suspicious activity of the current user or due to other restrictions extending on this method
PERMISSION_DENIED10Permission is denied. A possible cause – the user did not authorize the application for the execution of the operation
LIMIT_REACHED11Request call limit is reached
CANCELLED12Operation is canceled by the user
NOT_MULTIPART21Non multi-part request when adding photos
NOT_ACTIVATED22The user must activate their account
NOT_YET_INVOLVED23The user is not involved in the application
NOT_OWNER24The user is not the owner of the object
NOT_ACTIVE25Notification delivery error. The user is inactive in the application
TOTAL_LIMIT_REACHED26Notification delivery error. Notification limit is reached
NOT_ADMIN50The user does not have administrative rights to execute this method
PARAM100Missing or incorrect parameter
PARAM_API_KEY101The application_key parameter is not indicated or indicated incorrectly
PARAM_SESSION_EXPIRED102Session key has expired
PARAM_SESSION_KEY103Invalid session key
PARAM_SIGNATURE104Invalid signature
PARAM_RESIGNATURE105Invalid resignature
PARAM_ENTITY_ID106Invalid discussion identifier
PARAM_USER_ID110Invalid user identifier
PARAM_ALBUM_ID120Invalid album identifier
PARAM_PHOTO_ID121Invalid photo identifier
PARAM_WIDGET130Invalid widget identifier
PARAM_MESSAGE_ID140Invalid message identifier
PARAM_COMMENT_ID141Invalid comment identifier
PARAM_HAPPENING_ID150Invalid event identifier
PARAM_HAPPENING_PHOTO_ID151Invalid event photo identifier
PARAM_GROUP_ID160Invalid group identifier
PARAM_PERMISSION200Application cannot execute this operation. In most cases, the cause is the attempt to access the operation without the user’s authorization
PARAM_APPLICATION_DISABLED210Application is disabled
PARAM_DECISION211Invalid choice identifier
PARAM_BADGE_ID212Invalid badge identifier
PARAM_PRESENT_ID213Invalid present identifier
PARAM_RELATION_TYPE214Invalid relation type identifier
NOT_FOUND300Request information is not found
EDIT_PHOTO_FILE324Error when processing a multi-part request
AUTH_LOGIN401Authentication failure. Invalid username/password or authentication marker or the user is deleted/blocked
AUTH_LOGIN_CAPTCHA402Authentication failure. Captcha must be entered to verify the user.
AUTH_LOGIN_WEB_HUMAN_CHECK403Authentication failure
NOT_SESSION_METHOD451Session key is indicated, but the method must be called outside the session
SESSION_REQUIRED453Session key is not indicated for a method that requires a session
CENSOR_MATCH454Text is rejected by a censor
FRIEND_RESTRICTION455Operation cannot be executed, as a friend has set a restriction on it (put it on the black list or made their account private)
GROUP_RESTRICTION456Operation cannot be executed, as the group has set a restriction on it
PHOTO_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED500The size of binary content of the image in bytes exceeds the limit
PHOTO_SIZE_TOO_SMALL501Image size in pixels is too small
PHOTO_SIZE_TOO_BIG502Image size in pixels is too big
PHOTO_INVALID_FORMAT503Image format cannot be recognized
PHOTO_IMAGE_CORRUPTED504Image format is recognized, but the content is corrupted
PHOTO_NO_IMAGE505No image found in the request
PHOTO_PIN_TOO_MUCH508Too many pins on the photo
IDS_BLOCKED511Anti-spam check error
PHOTO_ALBUM_NOT_BELONGS_TO_USER512An attempt to upload a photo to someone else’s album
PHOTO_ALBUM_NOT_BELONGS_TO_GROUP513An attempt to upload a photo to an album that does not belong to the indicated group
MEDIA_TOPIC_BLOCK_LIMIT600Too many “media” parameters
MEDIA_TOPIC_TEXT_LIMIT601Text length limit is reached
MEDIA_TOPIC_POLL_QUESTION_TEXT_LIMIT602Poll question text length limit is reached
MEDIA_TOPIC_POLL_ANSWERS_LIMIT603Too many answers to the poll
MEDIA_TOPIC_POLL_ANSWER_TEXT_LIMIT604Poll answer text length limit is reached
MEDIA_TOPIC_WITH_FRIENDS_LIMIT605Limit of marked friends is reached
MEDIA_TOPIC_WITH_FRIENDS_USER_LIMIT606Limit of marked friends is reached (user-specific)
GROUP_DUPLICATE_JOIN_REQUEST610Group join request is already registered
COMMENT_NOT_FOUND700Comment is not found
INVALID_AUTHOR701An attempt to edit a comment that does not belong to the user
COMMENT_NOT_ACTIVE702An attempt to edit a deleted commentName Code Description
TIMEOUT_EXCEEDED704Editing timeout is exceeded
CHAT_NOT_FOUND705Chat is not found
MESSAGE_NOT_ACTIVE706An attempt to edit a deleted message
NO_SUCH_APP900Returns when trying to get open information for a non-existing application
CALLBACK_INVALID_PAYMENT1001Error is returned by the application server to notify about incorrect information on transaction
PAYMENT_IS_REQUIRED_PAYMENT1002Payment is required to use the service
INVALID_PAYMENT1003Invalid payment transaction
DUPLICATE_PAYMENT1004Payment requests are too frequent
NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY1005The user account does not have enough money
VCHAT_SERVICE_DISABLED1101Video chat is disabled
TARGET_USER_UNAVAILABLE1102The user is unavailable for video-chat or video message
FRIENDSHIP_REQUIRED1103The indicated user must be a friend
BATCH1200Batch call error
APP_NO_PLATFORM_ALLOWED1300Platforms for the application are notset
APP_DEVICE_NOT_ALLOWED1301The indicated device is not available
APP_DEVICE_NOT_SPECIFIED1302Device is not indicated
APP_EMPTY_SEARCH_PARAMS1400Location search error
GRAPH_PARAM_REQUEST: Wrong request format2001Invalid POST-content type (Graph API). Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8 should be specified
SYSTEM9999Critical system error. Notify the support service

Additional codes for error 100 “invalid parameter”

Returns error_data in the field, in this case the field error_field contains the name of an invalid parameter.

NOT_NULL1Parameter must be indicated
NOT_EMPTY2Parameter must not be empty
IS_EMPTY3Parameter must be empty
MAX_ELEMENTS4Restriction on the number of elements
MIN_LENGTH5Parameter is too short
MAX_LENGTH6Parameter is too long
MIN_VALUE7Parameter value is too small
MAX_VALUE8Parameter value is too big
RANGE9Parameter value must be in the indicated range
BAD_SYMBOLS10Parameter value contains invalid symbols


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns2:error_response xmlns:ns2="">
     <error_msg>PARAM_API_KEY : No application key</error_msg>
    "error_code" : 100,
    "error_msg" : "PARAM : Either session_key or uid must be specified",
    "error_data" : "1",
    "error_field" : "uid"