General information

Disclaimer. Graph API is currently available only for groups. Read more about Graph API in groups here

List of Graph API methods

Graph API is just another look on a our traditional HTTP-based API.

Essential differences between our Graph API and REST API are:

  • no signature required;
  • method’s logic and execution result could could be different for POST and GET requests;
  • session token is not required. Access_token is used instead.

Graph API request is a combination of such components as:

  • API server address ({api_server}). Current address:;
  • nodes - basically an object on which an action is taken. I.e. /me - user;
  • edges - optional parameter which stands as a link or a connection between nodes. I.e., user or group messages - /messages;
  • fields - a list of object parameters used in a query. I.e., timestamp=0 - time when message was created;
  • access_token - a token needed to access Graph API methods.

Graph API request URL considering all this looks like:


In example:


As a part of Graph API we’ve created a set of methods that we call Bot API which can be used to automate interaction between your group representative and your group members - read more.