Get chat information by ID

NameRequiredTypeDefault valueDescription
chat:id true String

Chat ID in chat:id format

By this method you can acquire information about specific chat by it’s ID.

ID can be specified either as a PATH parameter or GET parameter

Request example

Chat ID specified as a PATH parameter

Chat Id specified as a GET parameter


   "type":"GROUP_CHAT",                                     /* chat type [GROUP_CHAT, DIALOG, CHAT] */
   "status":"ACTIVE",                                       /* User status for this specific chat [ACTIVE, LEFT, REMOVED] */
   "title":"Some chat title",                               /* Chat title */
   "icon":{"url":""}   /* Chat icon in PNG or JPG format */
   "participants":{                                         /* Map of chat participants */
      "user:123456789012":1498581292941                     /* Key: user ID in a user:ID format, value: user's last action time as a timestamp */
   "lastEventTime":1498581292941,                           /* Last chat event (new message or chat event) as a timestamp */
   "chat_id":"chat:C3ecb9d02a600",                          /* Chat ID in a chat:id format */
   "owner_id":"user:123456789012",                          /* Chat owner ID in a user:id format */
   "group_id":"group:12345678901234"                        /* Group chat owner ID in a group:id format */