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Get chat messages by chat ID

NameRequiredTypeDefault valueDescription
chat:id true String

Chat ID in a chat:id format

from false Long 9223372036854775807

Timestamp of the latest created message

to false Long 0

Timestamp of the first created message

count false Integer 50

Amount of messages to return

include_deleted false Boolean

Include deleted messages in response. If this feature is required please send a request to Group ID should be specified in a request

It must be noted tha messages are sorted by time of their creation in descending order. Therefore from parameter must be greater than to parameter.

Messages from a specific chat can be acquired via this method and chat ID can be set as a PATH parameter or as a GET=parameter.

Request example

Chat ID as a PATH parameter

Chat Id as a GET parameter


  "messages": [                                             /* Array of messages in chat */
      "sender": {                                           /* Message sender info */
        "name": "John Smith",                               /* Sender's first name and last name */
        "user_id": "user:123456789012"                      /* User ID in a user:id format */
      "recipient": {                                        /* Message receiver info (chat, group or user) */ 
        "chat_id": "chat:C3ecb9d02a600"                     /* Chat ID (chat:id) or user ID (user:id) */
      "message": {                                          /* Message info */
        "text": "text",                                     /* Message text */
        "seq": 98211023614189660,                           /* Message incrementing sequence number */
        "mid": "mid:C3ecb9d02a600.15cea67d78d2059"          /* Message ID in a mid:id format */
      "timestamp": 1498581292941                            /* Message creation time (timestamp) */
      "sender": {
        "name": "John Smith",
        "user_id": "user:123456789012"
      "recipient": {
        "chat_id": "chat:C3ecb9d02a600"
      "message": {
        "text": "",
        "seq": 98211018056672380,
        "attachments": [                                    /* Array of attachments */            
            "type": "SHARE",                                /* Attachment type [VIDEO, AUDIO, SHARE, IMAGE] */
            "payload": {                                    /* type-specific attachment data. Atm it is the same for all types */
              "url": ""                       /* Resource URL */
        "mid": "mid:C3ecb9d02a600.15cea668c4c2481"
      "timestamp": 1498581208140

Attachment types

Following attachments types can be a part of message:

  • type=IMAGE - image attachment;
  • type=VIDEO - video attachment (OK video or a link to i.e. youtube video);
  • type=AUDIO - audio attachment (user recorded audio or link to a music track on OK);
  • type=SHARE - a link share that was processed by our grabber.

Service messages

In addition to user-created messages there exists a list of special service messages:

  • user leaving a chat
      "message": {
        "text": "{\"ui\":1234567890123,\"ty\":\"EXIT\"}", /* ui - user id, ty - user action */
        "seq": 1234567890123456,
        "mid": "mid:C3ecb9cd75b00.163caa4a35d2c93"