This chapter contains the links that API will return in order to ask client to navigate to the appropriate page of mobile application.

Deep linkPage
/profile/[User ID]User’s page
/profile/[User ID]/statuses/[Status ID]Page of media-topic or user’s status
/profile/[User ID]/topic/[Topic ID]Media-topic page
/profile/[User ID]/pphotos/[Photo ID]User’s personal photo
/profile/[User ID]/album/[Album ID]User’s photo album
/profile/[User ID]/album/[Album ID]/[Photo ID]User’s photo from album
/profile/[User ID]/pymkPeople That You May Know
/profile/[User ID]/friends/commonMutual friends with given user
/profile/[User ID]/import?type=contactsImport from phone’s contact list
/profile/[User ID]/import?type=vkImport from social network
/messages/[User ID]Messaging with given user
/apphook/friendsList of friends
/apphook/friends?screen=requestsList of friendship requests
/[User ID]/achievementsMy achievements
/group/[Group ID]/album/[Album ID]/[Photo ID]Photo in album of group
/group/[Group ID]/album/[Album ID]Photo album of group
/group/[Group ID]Group’s page
/group/[Group ID]/topic/[Topic ID]Topic in the group
/group/[Group ID]/topicsList of topics in the group
/group/[Group ID]/membersMembers of the group
/group/[Group ID]/requestsRequests to join into group
/app/[App ID или Short Name]?custom_args=…&refplace=…HTML game or application
/external/store/android/[Store ID]Navigation to the install page of application in Google Play
/external/store/ios/[Store ID]/[Short name]Navigation to the install page of application in Apple Store
/sendPresent/[Present type]?or=[Origin]Selection of recepient for selected gift
/sendPresent/[Present type]/user/[User ID]?or=[Origin]Sending given present to given user
/gifts?or=[Origin]&bId=[Banner]Gift store
/gifts/[Category]?or=[Origin]&user=[User ID]&bId=[Banner]Sending gift from given category to given user
/gifts?or=[Origin]&user=[User ID]&bId=[Banner]Selection of gift for the user
/gifts?or=[Origin]&user=[User ID]&holiday=[Holiday ID]Selection of holiday gift for the user
/gifts?or=[Origin]&bId=[Banner]&search=[Search text]Gift store (with search query)
/present/[Present ID]Viewing of received gift card
/present/[Present ID]/unpackUnpacking of received gift box
/help/askQuestions for support
/feedbackQuestions for support
/payment/service/[Service ID]Purchase of given service
/payment/p2p/incomingMoney transfers from other users
/payment/p2p/outgoingMoney transfers to other users
/payment/bill/[Bill ID]/acceptConfirmation of incomming bill
/payment/purchase/okPurchase of OK virtual currency
/video/[Video ID]Video
/music/track/[Music track ID]Music track
/music/playlist/[Music playlist ID]Music playlist
/hashtag/[Tag]Searching for tagged content
/mall/promoforfriends“Promo for friends” game main page
/mall/promoforfriends/[Round Id]/[From UserID]/[To UserID]“Promo for friends” invite accept page