Sends a notification to the users of the application The method is available for all types of applications, except games

user_ids true Set[]

Comma separated list of user identifiers

message false String

Notification text, maximum 254 characters

msg_id false String
mark false String

The label that will be passed to the application in the custom_args parameter when opening the notification


Session is optional (for External applications - required)

Required permissions



  • The method has a limit of 1 notification from the application per day for each user.
  • When making calls with a developer token, you can send an unlimited number of notifications to application developers



Application paramters

User session data


List of paramters

Используем для подписи secret_key = session_secret_key
Используем для подписи secret_key = application_secret_key
Используем для подписи secret_key = MD5(access_token + application_secret_key)
secret_key =
Сортируем и склеиваем параметры запроса и secret_key
Рассчитываем MD5 от полученной строки и получаем параметр sig