Method signature

Method is used for OK REST API method calls.

OKSDK.REST.call(methodName, methodParams, onResult)


  • methodName - REST API method name. I.e., “users.getCurrentUser”;
  • methodParam - method parameters as an object. I.e:
var methodParams = {
    "fields": "user.id, user.name"
  • onResult - callback function that is going to be called on OK API response.


Callback function must have a following signature:

function onResult(status, data, error)


  • status - method invocation status. Possible values: “error”, “ok”;
  • data - method invocation result, object. (more info on a corresponding API method’s page). Filled only if status is ok;
  • error - method invocation error, object. Filled only if status is error. Contains following information:
    • error_code - error code, number;
    • error_msg - error message, string;
    • error_data - additional error info, string.

Example usage

    {"fields": "user.id, user.name"}, 
    function (status, data, error) {
        if (status == "ok") {
            console.log("UID: " + data.uid);
        if (status == "error") {
            console.log("Error: " + JSON.stringify(error));