Method signature

Method returns a list of supported display formats for banner ads.

List of supported formats depends on:

  • current platform;
  • android OK app version.

Call example

function getBannerFormats() {

Callback example

Method’s callback will contain a list of supported display formats, currently selected display format and display option for each format.

method: “getBannerFormats”

result: “ok”

data: ‘{“current”:”bar”,”supported”:{“bar”:[“top”,”bottom”],”outer”:[“top”,”bottom”]}}’


  • current - currently selected display format;
  • supported - list of supported display formats with their options.

Supported formats

At the moment following formats are supported:

FormatDescriptionPlatformsDisplay options
barHorizontal banner displayed on top of game containerdesktop, mobile, android (from 22.11.17)top, bottom
outerHorizontal banner displayed which offsets game containermobile, android (from 23.9.4)top, bottom