Method signature

Method allows a game to suggest user to rate it:



Usage example

function showRatingDialog() {

Ratings API

In addition to this SDK method OK API allows you to get information about app’s ratings using following methods:

Callback examples

After a method is called user will be suggested to rate a game. Depending on his action on of following callbacks can be returned

Callback if user rated a game

method: “showRatingDialog”

result: “ok”

data: “5”

Callback if user declined to rate a game

method: “showRatingDialog”

result: “error”

data: “dismissed without rating”

Callback if dialog is already active

method: “showRatingDialog”

result: “error”

data: “layer already exists”

Callback if a feature is not supported for current device

method: “showRatingDialog”

result: “error”

data: “not_supported”

Webhook events

To monitor new player reviews you can subscribe to webhook.

When a new review was added to your game a following message will be sent to your webhook:

"prevComment": "",
"webhookType": "APP",
"prevRating": 0,
"appId": "app:123123123",
"timestamp": 1691947736017,
"rating": 5,
"userName": "First Name Last Name",
"comment": "Game is good",
"userId": "user:123123123"

These messages will be sent when a review was added or edited by a user.