advertisement boolean
advertiser_url String

Link to advertiser. Relevant for the moment marked as Author’s advertisement with the specified erid

animate Boolean
answers_count int
authors_advertisement Boolean

The presence of this flag with the value true means that the moment is an Author Advertisement

blocks DailyMediaBlockBean[]
challenge_denied Boolean[]
commit_id String[]
created_ms long[]
erid String[]

A unique identifier for online advertising. Relevant for the moment marked as Author’s advertisement. May be absent if not specified when creating the moment

expiration_ms long[]
has_new_answers boolean[]
hide_controls Boolean[]
id String[]
is_author boolean[]
is_expired boolean[]
is_recommended boolean[]
link String[]
media_key String[]
message_reply_disabled boolean[]
moderation_key String[]
new_events Integer[]
new_reaction String[]
new_views Integer[]
overlay DailyMediaOverlayBean[]
owner MomentsOwnerBean[]
owner_ref String[]
pic1024max String[]
pic1024x768 String[]
pic128max String[]
pic128x128 String[]
pic160x120 String[]
pic176x176 String[]
pic180min String[]
pic190x190 String[]
pic240min String[]
pic320min String[]
pic50x50 String[]
pic640x480 String[]
pic_base String[]
pic_max String[]
picgif String[]
picmp4 String[]
picmp4snd String[]
picwebm String[]
pred_id String[]

pred_id. Relevant for the moment marked as Author’s advertisement. May be absent if it was not specified when the moment was created

preview String[]
promo Boolean[]
reaction String[]
ref String[]
reply DailyReplyBean[]
reply_ref String[]
seen boolean[]
standard_height Short[]
standard_width Short[]
text_reactions DailyPhotoTextReactionBean[]
views_count int[]
voted boolean[]
votes_count int[]