Short application description

allowedByAge Boolean
allowedByPlatform Boolean
appId long
authorized Boolean
autoShowBannerAd AutoShowBannerAd
auto_show_banner_count Byte

Number of banners that can be shown for the application in single AD block: single banner, two banners or defined by config.

banner230x150 String
caps String[]
category String[]
description String[]

Short application description

friends String[]

Playing friends’ ids

gameplay_images ApplicationImage[]
group_id String[]
height int[]
icon String[]
label LabelBean[]

List of badges to display on game’s card

mediatopic_id String[]
miniApp VKMiniAppBean[]
name String[]
pic1280x720 String[]
pic128x128 String[]
pic50x50 String[]
pic960x960 String[]
players Integer[]
rating_value String[]

App rating

rating_votes_count Long[]

Amount of users who’ve rated an app

ref String[]
requiredMinAge Byte[]
shortname String[]
show_exit_confirmation_window Boolean[]
store_id String[]
store_name String[]
tab_store_id String[]
tab_store_name String[]
tags String[]
url String[]
user_permissions UserAdminPermission[]
width int[]