Album description

aid String
album_bubble AlbumBubbleBean

Bubble above album info

album_type user
alias String
attrs FlagsBean
author_ref String
coauthors_count Integer
comments_count Integer

Number of comments

created Date
created_ms Long
description String

Album description

like_summary LikeSummaryBean
main_photo PhotoBeanBase
owner_ref String
photo_book_settings PhotoBookSettingsBean

Photo book settings. Present if the album is a photobook

photos_count Integer
pins_album_tag String

Phototagged album type. Present if the album is an album with photos in which the user is tagged. Has value utags for an album of unconfirmed photo tags, value tags for confirmed ones

ref String
title String
type PhotoAlbumAccessPolicy

Photo album visibility

type_change_enabled Boolean

Whether changing the visibility of the photo album is allowed

types PhotoAlbumAccessPolicy[]

Photo album visibility

unread Boolean[]
user_id String[]