accessible Boolean
age Integer
allow_add_to_friend Boolean
allows_anonym_access Boolean
allows_messaging_only_for_friends Boolean
birthday String
birthdaySet Boolean
blocked Boolean
blocks Boolean
bookmarked Boolean
business Boolean
can_use_referral_invite Boolean

User can invite his contacts who are not registered in OK

can_vcall Boolean
can_vmail Boolean
capabilities String
city_of_birth String

User’s city of birth

close_comments_allowed Boolean

User can close commenting for their posts

common_friends_count Integer

Количество друзей которые уже дружат с этим пользователем

current_location GeoLocation
current_status String
current_status_date Date
current_status_date_ms Long
current_status_id String
current_status_mood MoodBean
current_status_track_id String
email String
executor Boolean
feed_subscription Boolean
first_name String
first_name_instrumental String
followers_count Integer
forbids_mentioning Boolean

true if user forbids to mention them in user posts, group topics or comments.

friend Boolean
friend_invitation Boolean
friends_count Integer
gender String
has_daily_photo Boolean
has_email Boolean
has_extended_stats Boolean
has_groups_to_comment Boolean
has_phone Boolean
has_products Boolean
has_service_invisible Boolean
has_unseen_daily_photo Boolean
invited_by_friend Boolean
is_merchant Boolean
last_name String
last_name_instrumental String
last_online String
last_online_ms Long
locale String
location LocationBean
location_of_birth LocationBean

User’s location of birth

login String
mobile String

User’s mobile phone

mobile_activation_date_ms Long

Mobile phone activation date in ms

modified_ms Long
name String
name_instrumental String
notifications_subscription Boolean
online String
photo_id String
pic1024x768 String
pic128max String
pic128x128 String
pic180min String
pic190x190 String
pic224x224 String
pic240min String
pic288x288 String
pic320min String
pic50x50 String
pic600x600 String
pic640x480 String
pic_1 String
pic_2 String
pic_3 String
pic_4 String
pic_5 String
pic_base String
pic_full String
pic_max String
picgif String
picmp4 String
picwebm String
possible_relations ApiRelationType[]
premium Boolean[]
presents PresentBean[]
private Boolean[]
profile_buttons ProfileButtonBean[]
profile_cover ProfileCoverBean[]
ref String[]
registered_date Date[]
registered_date_ms Long[]
relations RelationInfoBean[]
relationship Relationship[]
shortname String[]
show_lock Boolean[]
skill SkillBean[]
status StatusBean[]
total_photos_count Integer[]
uid String[]
url_chat String[]
url_chat_mobile String[]
url_profile String[]
url_profile_mobile String[]
vip Boolean[]