Feed with an event of user profile cover being changed

action_type FeedActionType
actor_friend Boolean
actor_ref String

User who has changed a cover

banner String
banner_map String -> Object
banner_tokens FeedMessageToken

Localization resources for banner-related feed headers.

cover_photo UserPhotoBean

The new cover

date_ms Long
delete_content_id String
delete_content_type String
delete_id String
delete_ref_id String
discussion_summary DiscussionSummaryBean
feed_flags String
feed_id_marker String
feed_owner_refs String
feed_stat_info String
groups FeedGroup
has_similar Boolean
like_summary LikeSummaryBean
mark_as_spam_id String
message String
message_tokens FeedMessageToken
partner_program_group_id String
pin_id String
pinned Boolean
posting_form Boolean
promo_feed_button_refs String
source FeedMessageToken
title String
title_tokens FeedMessageToken
type Short