Information for accessing a live stream

chat_only_in_oklive Boolean

Users may chat only in OK Live App

chat_server String

Messaging server address for chat connections

direct_link_access Boolean
end_time Long

UTC time of stream ending, msec

ends_in Integer

Time before stream ending, msec

initialHeight Integer

Initial height of a video stream

initialWidth Integer

Initial width of a video stream

live_sources StreamSourceBean[]

Addresses of stream broadcasting servers

login_string String[]

Messaging identification key for chat connections

max_playback_duration int[]
ok_donates_support Boolean[]

Live stream accepts donations

online_viewers Integer[]

Number of current stream viewers

orientation Boolean[]

Dimension and aspect ratio of a video stream may change during broadcasting

playback_duration Integer[]
restricted_to_friends Boolean[]
restricted_to_group Boolean[]
start_time Long[]

UTC time of stream start, msec

starts_in Integer[]

Time before stream start, msec

stream_key String[]

Stream key for online broadcasting

stream_server String[]

Stream server address for online broadcasting

url_hls String[]

Location of hls root manifest with qualities

user_whitelist long[]