Desktop game icon

The Android OK app has an option to add a game icon to the desktop of the user’s device to let them access your game more easily and quickly.

There are various ways to create an icon:

  • if the user spends enough time in the game, our application suggests them to create an icon automatically;
  • the user can create an icon on their own in the menu in the upper part of the game’s WebView;
  • the suggestion can use a special method provided by our application.


Call example

To use this possibility, you have to use the OKApp.suggestDesktopIcon() method.

Before calling, we recommend to check if the method can be called, as it’s not included into earlier versions of our Android app.

* Suggest the user to create a desktop app icon via OKAndroidSDK
  function suggestDesktopIcon() {
  if (OKApp && OKApp.suggestDesktopIcon) {

Please note that this is a void method that does not return any results and does not require passing a callback function.

Conditions of appearance of the icon creation menu

For the icon creation menu to appear successfully, please note the following:

  • the user should not have opened this menu in any possible way within the current game session;
  • the user has not created a desktop icon for your game via our application.

If both conditions are met, a menu where the user can create an icon will appear after calling the method. Otherwise, it will not appear. The menu will also not appear when calling the method again.