Most important info in brief

This section is a sort of a guide and a summary of all contents on the website at the same time. If you don’t know how to start collaborating with OK or just want to understand what is required to release a game on our social network and how it works, this is the right place to start.

0. Who we work with

At the moment, we can enter into contracts with legal entities only. It doesn’t matter in what country they are registered or if it’s an individual entrepreneur, a limited liability company, or a stock company.


1. What games we accept

We accept almost all game products. What matters is that they should comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and rules of our platform, as well as be fully featured games. Preferably casual ones, because this is the kind of games our audience likes most. However, there are successful “hardcore” projects on our platform as well.

Since January 2019, we do not accept Flash games.


2. What features a game needs to be accepted

Here is a list of a minimum of features that the game should have. It’s not complete, but if your game already has all of what is listed, you and your team have done well!

  • the game must be a finished product, not a beta version;
  • the game must have no issues when launching and running;
  • Russian language should be a default one in the game;
  • the game must have a dedicated group on OK with information on it;
  • the game must have a monetization system in place (ads and/or in-game purchases).

We remind you that this is not a complete list. However, if your game lacks at least one item from it, we will return the game to you to revise it.


3. How do I start working with a game on OK?

At first, you need to register a profile (an account) on OK and select an active e-mail address for it (this is important!). After that, go to this link. This way, you will receive developer’s rights required to work on the application.


4. How do I tell the OK team about the game I would like to publish?

When you created your OK profile and uploaded your game, you must have noticed the “Send for moderation” link in the «In development» section. If your game is ready to be checked, select this link, choose your application and send it for moderation.


5. I have sent my game for moderation. What now?

Next, check your e-mail: you should receive a letter with access to JIRA. After the game is sent for moderation, all further communication takes place in a JIRA task.


6. The application has passed moderation, what’s next?

After the game has passed moderation, we start its testing. The testing is the same both on the mobile platform and in the web version: the application is added to the “Games in testing” section which is available only to a part of OK audience. The testing takes approximately three weeks.

For the application to successfully pass the testing and be published in the catalog, users must play it (number of installations), return to it (retention), and in-game purchases must be adequate (payments).

7. How often do games get to be tested? And/or added to the catalog?

Games enter the testing phase on Mondays, from 12:00 to 18:00 Moscow time, both in the web version and on the mobile platform. Projects that have successfully passed the testing are released on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 12:00 to 18:00 MSK as well.

8. Is there a way to test payments in the application?

OK Games Platform supports testing mode for both in-game payments and in-game ads.

9. What if I want to release an application both in the web version and on the mobile platform?

In this case, select both the web and the mobile platform when filing a moderation request for the application.

10. Is there an option to test the application with real users in a private mode, without adding it to the “Games in testing” section?

Yes, if you wish to do so, please notify us in the application task before it’s sent for testing. We will make the application available via a direct link, and you will be able to attract users to it, observe their behavior and adjust the game.

11. Who do I contact if integration of the game with OK fails?

If your application that has issues already has a JIRA task, leave a detailed comment with a description of the problem in it. If it does not have a task, send us an e-mail to

12. Are there any promotion mechanisms within the platform?

Yes, there’s a variety of ways to promote your game on the OK platform.

First, you may use posts in the Feed, the game group and notifications.

Second, free featuring is available for all successful projects on the platform..

13. How are settlements executed?

On the 1st of the month that follows the fiscal month, a letter on settlements is added to the report in JIRA. The reward is paid on the basis of this letter.

14. Payments report

Data for the payments report are located next to the statistics button (you have to select “Completed payments”):

Also, you can access this data via a direct link: