Information for new developers

Before the game moderation, please review the following:

  1. Rules of application placement and pre-release check lists. You need to make sure that the game complies with all requirements.
  2. To release the game, the company has to be registered in Jira. This stage can be completed at the same time as the game moderation. You can see the list of required documents here.

Recommendations to improve your game on the platform

  1. Look into popular games that can often be seen on web and mobile showcases for your main audience. Information on how games are selected for showcases is listed below.
  2. Regularly hold promotions, events, and tournaments, prepare bonuses, and, of course, regularly send requests for featuring in relation to your events. A link to information on featuring. A link to an OK chat where upcoming game selections are announced.
  3. Use social mechanics (invite friends to the game, post statuses).
  4. Actively use notifications to attract more returning players to the game. Important information on setting up methods, including social mechanics and notifications.

A list of games for featuring is formed weekly on a competitive basis: ten games that have the highest characteristics for the parameter RET14 * LTV14 are listed in it. The list is renewed on Mondays, and two out of last four weeks count as a fiscal period (for example, for featuring on 14 February, we review the period from 18 January to 31 January).

Here is what it refers to:

  • RET14: the percent of returning players on 14th day after launching the game for the first time;
  • LTV14: average total income per user for first 14 days after launching the game for the first time.

Total income (the LTV14 parameter) is an income sum per user from following sources:

There are four lists in total based on these groups:

  • men aged below 25;
  • women aged below 25;
  • men aged above 25;
  • women aged above 25.

Applications with less than 500 installations per week are not added to lists. At the same time, we do not count installations that occurred thanks to free promotion mechanisms (featuring, portlets, etc.), but installations from the catalog, from the top list, from friends’ recommendations or from paid ads are taken into account. By the way, the last option is very efficient in aiding you to get a required number of installations.

Also, applications that were in top lists last week usually do not reappear in them.

Applications that are promoted through MyTarget are also featured, but in addition to ten apps that were selected on the basis of characteristics above.

You can monitor the featuring rating in the game statistics, the “Basic” tab, the “Rating for featured” graph.

This list is formed on the basis of same criteria as for web games (see above). However, unlike web games, mobile games cannot get into this list via MyTarget.

How are top lists of games formed?

At the moment, there are four main top lists based on these general socio-demographic groups:

  • men aged below 25;
  • women aged below 25;
  • men aged above 25;
  • women aged above 25.

There are top lists for each genre, as well as a general top list.

At the moment, we use the LTV7 * RET7 * TS7 formula, where:

  • LTV7: average total income per user for first 7 days after launching the game for the first time;
  • RET7: the percent of returning players on 7th day after launching the game for the first time;
  • TS7: average time spent by users in the game for the first 7 days after launching the game for the first time.

Where can I get OK logos?

Use the OK logo provided next to the price of the virtual product.

It is prohibited to link to this image; use the resources provided in .psd format:

Use the following resources to get the OK logo:

The game release is scheduled for today. When exactly will it happen?

Games are released from 12:00 to 18:00 MSK.

We wish to carry out some technical work. Do we need to apply to turn off games?

You can carry out technical works from 02:00 to 06:00 MSK (during the nighttime) without any warning. If you need to carry them out urgently during the daytime, please prepare a suitable dummy window and display in for all users who launch the game during technical works.

How do I disable the application?

We need to receive an official letter with a request to disable the application from you (in free form and on the company’s formsheet, if you have any). Please send this letter to VK LLC for the attention of Olga Boiko. Also, please attach a scanned copy of this letter to your company’s account in JIRA.

We will disable the game 30 working days after your request has been attached in JIRA. You have to warn users so they have time to spend in-game resources in the application.