General information

The whole process of interaction between the OK Gaming Platform and game developers is based within the service, from the moment of sending a request to pass moderation to disabling the game on our platform.

Through JIRA you can:

  • send a request for your game to pass moderation, get actual information on the moderation status;
  • sign up your company, send all essential documents for registration and release the game on the platform;
  • receive monthly reports on income from games;
  • send requests for featuring;
  • send requests for holding in-game promotions in cooperation with OK.


To register your first account, you only have to send a request for moderation of your application. Select one of applications uploaded earlier and request moderation for it.

You will receive a letter with account data on the e-mail address you have listed in the request form.

Access recovery

If you lose your password, you can restore it in the restoration form. You only have to enter your e-mail address you used to register your account and receive a letter with all necessary information in it.

Task types

All issues are solved via tasks of a corresponding type in JIRA:

  • application moderation: a task of the OK type;
  • reception of reports: a task of the REPORT type;
  • sending requests and managing promotions, featuring: a task of the PROMO type;
  • reports and conclusion of an agreement for in-game advertisement: a task of the ADVDOC type;
  • company management: a task of the DOC type.

OK: application moderation

A task of this type is created every time you send a request for application moderation.

In such tasks, it is possible to:

  • get feedback on the moderation status: whether there are issues that prevent the game from launching, when the game will be released, etc.;
  • ask questions about the procedure of moderation if you have any and get answers;
  • receive notifications about any issues with the application from our specialists. Within this task, you can also ask any questions about the game you may have.

PROMO: promotions and featuring

A task of this type includes sending requests for holding promotions in the game, as well as materials for displaying the game in one of featuring options.

You can learn about the actual featuring status, deadlines and results of promotions in tasks of this type.

At the moment, you can send a request for following types of promotions and featuring in JIRA:

  • 1,000 OK promotion: send a request, when choosing a 1,000 OK option;
  • a banner with a profile picture in the feed: send a request when choosing a Profile Picture Promotion option;
  • featuring in the “Offers and updates” section: send a request when choosing a Collections option;
  • a promotion in the OK gamification service: send a request when choosing an OKshop Task option.

We also have other options for featuring which you can find here. To learn more about these and other types of featuring, use this link.

REPORT: reports on the game and income

After a successful release of the game on our platform, you will receive monthly reports on achievements of your game related to both finances and play time.

All reports of this type will be added to REPORT tasks.

ADVDOC: in-game advertisement

This agreement is possible only after accepting an offer for service provision and with a DOC account available

To launch advertisement monetization, you must enter into a contract:

After you send a request for entry into the contract, a task with the ADVDOC type will be created. All issues related to advertisements will be solved there.

If you are not a resident, ask about entry into the contract within the game moderation task.

DOC: information on the company and general questions

After passing the moderation and before the game release, we will suggest you to register your company (accept the offer) in our system via a link you will receive from our colleagues.

After you fill the company creation form, all general issues will be solved within a task created during sending a request in this form.

Within this task, you can both manage your company and solve all general issues (under the contract) that require interaction with our platform.

Registration of additional accounts

By default, all task types and all issues can be solved after the authorization of your account, information on which you received after sending a request for the application moderation.

Since the situation when various people are responsible for each of aspects listed above is rather common, access to this account has to be shared between several specialists.

This could be inconvenient and not safe. In such cases, we strongly recommend you to register new accounts to solve every issue.

To register a new account, do the following:

  • leave a comment and mention that you need to add a new account to the DOC type task;
  • include the following in the comment:
    • the user’s first and last name;
    • e-mail address for which the account will be registered;
    • a list of tasks to which the user should have access.

After the request has been sent, all information required for authorization will be sent to the listed e-mail address within several working days.

Any other questions?

If you still have questions about how JIRA and the OK Gaming Platform work, contact us here:

  • for technical questions:;
  • for other questions: your main DOC-type task in JIRA;
  • if you don’t have a task and/or an account in JIRA you may ask your questions in the official game development chat on on platform or send an e-mail to