How to enable raffles in the group

To hold raffles in the game group, you have to link a special group application Победители in the group settings.

To link it, you need to:

  1. Be an administrator or a super moderator of the group.
  2. Go to the group application section in the group settings (Settings -> Applications).
  3. Find the Победители application in the list and add it to the group.

After linking, you may use this application to hold raffles.

How to hold a raffle

To hold a raffle, you have to:

  • post a topic in the group;
  • list the following in the topic:
    • the prize to be received by winners;
    • the amount of winners;
    • time frames of the raffle, including the time of determining winners and rewarding them;
    • conditions of participation in the raffle. The raffle can be held among:
      • group members;
      • users who liked the topic;
      • users who commented on the topic;
      • users who shared the topic.
  • select winners with help of the applications;
  • post results in the group. To do this, you can also use the Победители application (and we recommend it);
  • reward winners.

How to choose winners

To choose winners, you have to:

  1. Open the Победители application.
  2. Select the raffle topic in the group.
  3. Select the amount of winners and conditions of users’ participation in the raffle.
  4. Choose winners.
  5. Post a topic with winners of the raffle.