How to enable lotteries in your group

To hold a lottery you need to use a special group application Победители that can be enabled in group settings.

App can be enabled following this steps:

  1. You should be an administrator or a moderator in a group.
  2. Go to group applications section of group settings.
  3. Find an app called “Победители” and add it to a group.

This app is then will be used for group lotteries.

How to start a lottery

These are the requirements to hold a lottery in your group:

  • publish a topic in your group;
  • specify following information in a topic:
    • lottery’s reward;
    • amount of winners;
    • when does lottery end, when users will be rewarded;
    • the terms of participation in a lottery. You can specify following conditions:
      • user must be a group member;
      • user must like a topic;
      • user must comment a topic;
      • user must reshare a topic.
  • choose a winner using group app;
  • publish results;
  • reward winners.

Choosing a winner

To choose a winner you should:

  1. Open an app Победители
  2. Select a group topic linked to a lottery
  3. Choose terms of participation and amount of winners
  4. Randomly select winners
  5. Publish a topic with lottery results