A couple of years ago most of the browsers started to decline support for Flash technology by default on both mobile and desktop. As time goes Flash games’ audience becomes smaller and smaller. To solve this problem it is better to start thinking about migrating your games from Flash to HTML5 technology.

This migration not only saves your current audience from shrinking even more but opens up new opportunities to make your game accessible for all users on mobile platforms:

First of all you need to migrate your app from using Flash and use modern technologies instead, obviously. But to enable HTML5 support for app on OK you’ll have to do following steps:

  • change your app’s platform from Web (Flash) to Web (HTML);
  • send a message via Jira on your app’s issue. If somehow you do not have access to Jira or don’t have an issue there, please, send a message to api-support@ok.ru.

If you won’t follow this steps we’ll still redirect any user on Web without Flash enabled to a landing page of our desktop app OK Games: