After your application is tested, it is necessary to accept the offer/sign the contract and attach the scanned documents about the company in JIRA

Documents required from application developers – residents of the Russian Federation (except individuals)

  • a copy of the Certificate of official registration of legal entity/a copy of the Certificate of official registration of an individual as a private entrepreneur
  • a copy of the Certificate of registration with Russian tax authorities/a copy of the certificate of registration of an individual with tax authorities on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • a copy of the Order of the Chief executive officer appointment/a copy of the Power of attorney to the contracting party’s authorized representative, who has the right to conduct transactions on behalf of the contracting party (to accept the offer), sign documents if required in the course of work
  • a copy of the passport of Chief Executive Officer, Authorized representative, Private entrepreneur
  • a copy of the notification on the possibility of applying the simplified tax system (non-payers of VAT) and the declaration on Simplified Tax System for the previous year, if applicable
  • a copy of the Domain Registration Voucher
  • balance and report on profit and expenses for the previous year checked by the tax office
  • declarations on VAT (sections 1-7) and income tax, calculation of insurance payments to the Pension Fund of Russia according to the PCB-1 form (without section 6) for the previous year with acceptance checks
  • tax clearance certificate
  • copy of appointment of general director

Address questions/comments concerning the contract to