The Odnoklassniki apps platform allows to Soft Launch games.

In this mode, your game or application will be available via direct link (…), but will not be visible in the games catalog or in the “New” section.

We soft launch games when:

  • the developer asks for it. Sometimes, before the full launch, it is useful to check the operativity of your application with a small audience, to trial mechanics, and only after that make the game available to everybody. Soft Launch allows promoting game with myTarget or supporting it with your audience from your other games.
  • sometimes we seriously doubt that our audience will be interested in a game. For instance, currently there are quite a lot of similar games and we would not like to water down users’ attention by yet another similar game. In this case, we offer the developer a Soft Launch option so that the developer can prove us wrong to our joy and happiness. The game can be lead out of the Soft Launch to the first position of the “New” section if the following average indicators are achieved in a month:
    • percent of paying users: 1.7%
    • ARPU: 2.50 OK
    • first day’s retention: 15%
    • week’s retention: 4%
    • month’s retention: 1.3%
    • the total number of installations of the application must exceed 5,000