You can send a request to hold the promotion via a link. Select 1,000 OKs as a promotion type

“1,000 OKs” is a promotional offer for users who make in-game purchases (a recommended prize for a raffle winner is 1,000 OKs). The offer’s purpose is to increase traffic and the amount of in-game purchases.

Promotion mechanics

  1. The game and OK select the date of a cooperative promotion.
  2. Discounted prices, promotion conditions and a notification on a prize of 1,000 OKs are listed in the game group.
  3. After the promotion is over, the game calls a special payment.appCashback method to determine a winner among payers. It automatically sends 1,000 OKs to a selected player and returns the winner’s ID to the game.
  4. After the method is called, the reward is sent to the user automatically, and no further actions are required from the game. The user will also be notified that they have won in a bonus OKs raffle via the mechanism of portal notifications.
  5. The winner’s name must be published in the game group at no later than 14:00 (MSK) of the next day.
  6. OK Administration reserves the right to approve participating games.

Rules for participation in the promotion

  1. Participation in the promotion is possible for any dates of the month, but only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
  2. The promotion must take place from 00:00 to 23:59 (1 day).
  3. On the promotion day, you have to send morning notifications no later than 12:00 Moscow time, attach a screenshot with a sent notification to a request in JIRA and place information about the promotion on the launch screen and/or in the purchase form.
  4. Create a JIRA request which includes “1,000 OKs” in its name by going to link
  5. You have to send a request no later than three days prior to the promotion start.
  6. The prize fund will be sent to the cashback account of the application by the OK administration. You will be able to see the prize fund sum in comments to the request in JIRA after it has been approved.
  7. After the request will be approved, you have to create a post with all promotion conditions in the official game group one day prior to its launch.
  8. The amount of offers and bonuses that are a part of the contest throughout the entire month has to be approved by OK.
  9. After the promotion is over, you have to publish a post on the promotion finish and revealing the winner at no later than 14:00 Moscow time of the next day.

A template post with conditions of the “1,000 OKs” promotion


“Backgammon” gathers all fans together! The time has come for a promotion in collaboration with OK!

Only on 30 February, from 00:00 to 23:59, any in-game purchase will give you an opportunity to win 1,000 OKs.

On 31 February, OK will choose one random winner among players who purchases products during the promotion and send 1,000 OKs to them.

The name of a lucky winner will be officially revealed in our group.

Hurry up and participate! Perhaps fortune will smile upon you!

Play “Backgammon” with us!

A template post with the winner of the “1,000 OKs” promotion


It’s time to sum up the promotion and welcome a happy winner of 1,000 OKs!

The random numbers generator of OK has chosen a winner who successfully used benefits of the promotion and purchased OKs during it. And the winner is… John Doe (profile link)! Congratulations!