To apply for a new promo event use the following form - apply for promo

One other way to improve game’s popularity is to use video ads which we run on OK games main page. Video ad look like this:

Promo video

On top of a video we place “Play” button and app’s description which you specified in it’s settings. This video’s goal is to catch user’s attention and motivate him to try and launch your game.

How to apply?

To apply use the following form - apply for promo

Please consider that we prioritize apps depending on their current statistics and their potential to further growth. We consider every application and choose only those that are, in our opinion, benefit the most. Processing all the applications is a very time consuming task and we get a large amount of them every day, we won’t explain why we declined every one of them.

Hot to send a video for appliance?

  • create a video about your game:
    • resolution: 1280x720 or greater;
    • aspect ratio: 16:9;
    • duration: 15-30 seconds;
  • upload it to your game’s official group on OK;
  • specify it’s ID in game’s settings;
  • make sure your game’s “Description” setting is specified.

What else to know?

Here are some useful notes:

  • the maximum duration of an event is one week;
  • event’s launch and finish dates must be working days;
  • you can specify users’ age and gender for better targeting;
  • we launch all events from 12:00 to 18:00 GMT+3.