Application creating

How to create an app

You will need to do the following to add new app on Odnoklassniki:

  1. Register on Odnoklassniki and link an email to your account to receive emails with app data;
  2. Obtain developer rights at
  3. After obtaining developer rights you will get a link to add apps or external sites. Open Games and select “My downloads” on top.

Press “Add app” button.

Fill out this form:

App settings

  • Title – the name of the app used in the catalogue and when sending invitations to the app.
  • Shortname – a unique short name written in latin letters without any special characters.
    Short links can only be used as names for games and apps launched on the site.
  • Description – a description of your app used for advertising purposes (maximum 250 characters).
  • Application type:
  • Link to avatars and icons – these images should be hosted externally. The icons are used in the catalogue, in apps, when posting something to the feed.
  • App link – where content will be taken from to be displayed in the iframe during launch. For external applications only domain is sufficient.
  • Callback link – link to your payment script (detailed information is available here: callbacks.payment).
  • Server’s IP addresses – requests of the non-session methods via REST API are only available from the white-listed IP addresses.
  • Link to Customer Support Team – the app can indicate an URL for a support service where error reports can be sent directly from the reference portal screen.
  • E-mail for notifications – information about API platform problems or problems with payments in your application will be sent to this email.
  • App size – size of an iframe (width from 100 to 760px, height from 100 to 4000px). You can select “Full screen”, then the application will be limited to the width of the display.
  • Status:
    • Public – the app is available for users.
    • Not available – the app isn’t available for users.
    • Hidden – the app is available only for those users who installed it.

App permissions

The following rights can also be requested from the user during app creation (detailed on application permission):

If you did everything right, you will soon get a set of keys and an app ID on the email address set in your Odnoklassniki account.

Accessing app

  • Via Games - My uploads menu
  • Via a direct link:{application_id}
  • After moderation via a direct link:{shortname}

To access the settings click “App settings” under the app iframe:

To add other users to your app during the testing stage, click “Developers” and provide the required rights (see user roles).