GET graph.user.chats

Get information about all owned or participated chats

NameRequiredTypeDefault valueDescription
marker false String

Paging marker
Must be empty in a first request. Value for further requests can be get in a previous API response

count false Integer 50

Number of chats to be returned
Value from 1 to 100

Method is user to get information about all chats and dialogs user or group has participated in. Chat are sorted based on a last activity time. Chats with the most recent activities come first.

Since the number of chats can exceed the maximum number of chats returned by method the marker parameter should be used to get all chats using paging feature of the method.

In each consequent request marker parameter can be specified based on a previous API response. If marker is not present in a response it means you’ve reached the end of chats’ list.

It is recommended to use /me/chat method if chat Id is already known.

Request example


  "chats": [                                                    /* Array of chat objects. Same as in method me/chat */
      "type": "GROUP_CHAT",                                     /* chat type [GROUP_CHAT, DIALOG, CHAT] */
      "status": "ACTIVE",                                       /* User status for this specific chat [ACTIVE, LEFT, REMOVED] */
      "title": "Some chat title",                               /* Chat title */
      "icon":{"url":""},   /* Chat icon in PNG or JPG format */
      "participants": {                                         /* Map of chat participants */
        "user:123456789012": 1498581292941                      /* Key: user ID in a user:ID format, value: user's last action time as a timestamp */
      "lastEventTime": 1498581292941,                           /* Last chat event (new message or chat event) as a timestamp */
      "chat_id": "chat:C3ecb9d02a600",                          /* Chat ID in a chat:id format */
      "owner_id": "user:123456789012",                          /* Chat owner ID in a user:id format */
      "group_id": "group:12345678901234"                        /* Group chat owner ID in a group:id format */
  "marker": "LTE0OTcyNDMzNTYzMzM6LTE0OTcyNDMzNTYzMzM="          /* Paging marker */