In-app payments statistics

uid false String

User id. If not specified - returns payments from all users

date false String

Day of transaction in format

anchor false String

Paging anchor

direction false PagingDirection

Paging direction

count false Integer

Amount of payments to be returned. From 1 to 100


Session is prohibited

Required permissions


Every transaction contains following data:

timestamplongTransaction time as a timestamp
idlongTransaction id
operationenumPayment type: DEBIT - regular in-app payment from user, CREDIT - service transaction or payment refund
statusenumPayment status: SUCCESS - payment is successfull, CANCEL - payment was canceled, INIT - payment is currently in progress
amountintPayment amount
descStringPayment description
userIdlongUser id (for DEBIT payments or refunds), app id (for other CREDIT payments)
platformenumPayment platform: MOB_ANDROID - native android app, MOB_IOS - native ios app, COMMUNITY_WEB - desktop web, COMMUNITY_MOBILE - mobile web, unknown - service payments


{ "anchor": "String", "data": [ "Object" ], "etag": "String", "fields": [ "String" ], "has_more": "Boolean", "totalCount": "Integer" }

Application paramters

User session data


List of paramters

Используем для подписи secret_key = session_secret_key
Используем для подписи secret_key = application_secret_key
Используем для подписи secret_key = MD5(access_token + application_secret_key)
secret_key =
Сортируем и склеиваем параметры запроса и secret_key
Рассчитываем MD5 от полученной строки и получаем параметр sig