Method signature

Method allows you to subscribe to a number of events that will be reported back as a common FAPI callback. Following events are supported for this method:

  • device theme changed;
  • device orientation changed;
  • visibility of a game menu changed;
  • visibility of a keyboard changed (android only).

Method is available only on mobile platforms


Example usage

function observeServiceCallbacks() {

Callback example

After method is called you will be getting two types of callbacks:

  • after method call - list of events you’ve subscribed to;
  • when event occurs - information about event’s type and additional data.

Callback format

method: “observeServiceCallbacks”

result: “ok”

data: “eventType:eventData”

  • eventType - type of event;
  • eventData - additional event data.

Possible events and data

Currently following events are supported:

  • KEYBOARD_VISIBILITY - visibility of a keyboard changed:
    • hidden - keyboard is hidden;
    • visible - keyboard is visible;
  • DEVICE_ORIENTATION - device orientation changed:
    • landscape - landscape orientation;
    • portrait - portrait orientation;
  • DEVICE_THEME - device theme changed:
    • dark - dark theme;
    • light - light theme тема;
  • MENU_VISIBILITY - visibility of a game menu changed:
    • hidden - menu is hidden;
    • shown - menu is visible;