Method signature

For FLASH games attribute’s wmode value must be set to opaque to display video ads properly

To get advertisement placement reward a contract is required:


Example usage

* Starts to play a previously prepared rewarded ad 
function showRewardedAd() {

Callback example

Following arguments can be passed to API_callback function as a result:

Callback if video was successfully shown

method: “showLoadedAd”

result: “ok”

data: “complete”

Callback if video was not found

method: “showLoadedAd”

result: “error”

data: “not_prepared”

Callback if video ads are not available for current user

method: “showLoadedAd”

result: “error”

data: “mp4_not_supported”

How it works

Requires a video prepared by method FAPI.UI.loadAd before method’s invoking.
Function should be called only when a video ad was found. 10-15 seconds await between methods’ invocations is a must.

How it looks



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