abbreviation String
access_type GroupAccessType
address String
admin_id String
attrs FlagsBean
bookmarked Boolean
business Boolean
category GroupCategory
city String
comment_as_official Boolean
community Boolean
content_as_official Boolean
country String
cover GroupCoverBean

Group cover

created_ms Long
description String
disable_photo_upload Boolean
disable_reason String
disable_reason_tokens MediaTextToken[]
end_date Long[]
feed_subscription Boolean[]
followers_count Integer[]
friends_count Integer[]

Number of friends who participate in this group

graduate_year Integer[]

Graduate year (ending of taking a part in a group)

has_unwatched_group_news Boolean[]
homepage_name String[]
homepage_url String[]
location_id Long[]
location_latitude Double[]
location_longitude Double[]
location_zoom Integer[]
main_page_tab GroupMainPageTab[]
main_photo GroupPhotoBean[]
member_status String[]
members_count Integer[]
mentions_subscription Boolean[]
messages_allowed Boolean[]
min_age Integer[]
mobile_cover GroupMobileCoverBean[]

Mobile cover

name String[]
new_chats_count Integer[]
notifications_subscription Boolean[]
paid_access GroupPaidAccessType[]
paid_access_description String[]
paid_access_price Long[]
paid_content GroupPaidAccessType[]
paid_content_description String[]
paid_content_price Long[]
partner_program_status String[]
phone String[]
photo_id String[]
photos_tab_hidden Boolean[]
picAvatar String[]
pin_notifications_off Boolean[]

is this group allowed to send notifications to user regarding user’s face found on group photo

possible_members_count Integer[]
premium Boolean[]
private Boolean[]
products_tab_hidden Boolean[]
profile_buttons ProfileButtonBean[]
ref String[]
request_sent_date Long[]
role String[]
scope_id String[]
shortname String[]
show_group_news Boolean[]
start_date Long[]
status GroupStatus[]
subcategory_id String[]
tags String[]
transfers_allowed Boolean[]
uid String[]
user_paid_access GroupMemberPaidAccess[]
user_paid_access_till Long[]
user_paid_content GroupMemberPaidAccess[]
user_paid_content_till Long[]
video_tab_hidden Boolean[]
year_from Integer[]
year_to Integer[]