ad_for_service Boolean
anniversary AnniversaryBean
app_action_mark String
app_action_text String
app_image String
app_image_mark String
app_image_title String
app_ref String
app_text String
banner_info BannerInfoBean
button_key String
button_title String
button_type MediaButtonType
buttons MediaLinkButtonBean[]
carousel MediaBean[]
catalog_refs String[]
challenge MediaTopicChallengeBean[]
comment_ref String[]
delivery ApiDeliveryType[]
description String[]
domain String[]
entity_refs String[]
group_data MediaLinkGroupDataBean[]

Additional information about a group for displaying a link to it

is_editable Boolean[]

Editing is permitted

mall_product_ref String[]
media_topic_refs String[]
motivator_variant String[]
movie_refs String[]
music_playlist_ref String[]
music_track_refs String[]
partner_link String[]
payment_link String[]
photo_refs String[]
poll_refs String[]
present_refs String[]
product_ccy String[]

Product currency

product_lifetime Short[]

Publication time of product

product_price String[]

Price with currency

product_price_number String[]

Price without currency

product_status ApiProductStatus[]

Product status

product_title String[]

Product title

reshare Boolean[]
reshare_owner_refs String[]
showcase_items ShowcaseSectionItem[]
sold_online Boolean[]
text String[]
text_tokens MediaTextToken[]
title String[]
title_tokens FeedMessageToken[]
top_friends TopFriendsBean[]

Top of friends

type MediaType[]
url String[]
url_image String[]
url_images MediaLinkImageBean[]
user_data MediaLinkUserDataBean[]

Additional information about a user for displaying a link to them

video_channel_refs String[]