Information about a video

actor_ids String
added_to_watch_later Boolean
album_id_for_autoplay String
annotations_info VideoAnnotationsInfoBean
author_ref String
base_thumbnail_url String
big_thumbnail_url String
blocked Boolean
bookmarked Boolean
collage VideoCollageBean
comments_count Integer
content_presentations VideoContentPresentation
content_type String
cover_preview String
created Date
created_ms Long
daily_views Integer
description String

Information about a video

description_tokens TextTokenBean
discussion_summary DiscussionSummaryBean
duration Integer
failover_host String
from_time Integer
gps MovieGpsCoordinatesBean
group_id String
hd_no_crop_thumbnail_url String
hd_thumbnail_url String
height Integer
high_thumbnail_url String
id String
in_history Boolean
karaoke_info VideoKaraokeInfo
like_summary LikeSummaryBean
likes_count Integer
live_movie_stats LiveMovieStatsBean
live_stream LiveStreamBean
live_tv_album_id String
m_subscribed Boolean
movie_3d_type String
next_movies_refs String
options ApiMovieOption
owner_album_id String
owner_id String
owner_ref String
partner_name String
partner_stat_info VideoPartnerStatInfoBean
payment_info VideoPaymentBean
permalink String
pin_count Integer
pin_create_allowed Boolean
place_ref String
privacy MoviePrivacy
processing_status ProcessingStatusBean
provider String
recommendation_source String
ref String
reshare_summary ReshareSummaryBean
rotation_log VideoRotation

List of information about stream orientation changes

small_thumbnail_url String
start_policy VideoStartPolicyBean
status VideoStatus
streamer_app_ref String
subs SubtitleTrackBean
tags String
thumbnail_url String
title String
total_views Integer
trailer Trailer
unconfirmed_pin_users_refs String
url String
url_chat_archive String
url_dash String
url_fullhd String
url_high String
url_hls String
url_live_hls String
url_live_playback_dash String
url_live_playback_hls String
url_low String
url_medium String
url_mobile String
url_mp4 String
url_orientations String
url_provider String
url_quadhd String
url_tiny String
url_ultrahd String
url_webm_dash String

Location of dash+xml manifest with webm video source

url_webm_dash_live String
video_advertisement VideoAdvertisementBean
vpix VideoPixel

List of statistic pixels

width Integer