Publishing widget

For external sites and native mobile applications Odnoklassniki provide a specific mechanism for publishing in the user notes.

To use this widget application must be approved. Send approve request to

For publishing you should open browser window (or iframe) with a specially crafted URL:{application_id}&st.attachment={attachment_json}&st.signature={signature}&st.return={return_url}&st.popup={popup}&st.silent={silent}&st.utext={text}

The values of all URL arguments must be encoded.

st.appYesApplication id
st.attachmentYesJson with mediatopic information. This parameter can be base64-encoded
st.signatureYesQuery signature
st.returnNoOn this URL user will be redirected with publication result. If is empty - result of the publication will be sent via HTML5 postMessage
st.popupNoPerform automatic centering and fit the windows size.
Possible values: on/off (default)
st.silentNoClose window after publishing. Ignored if st.return is specified.
Possible values: on/off (default)
st.utextNoAllow user to add custom comment.
Possible values: on/off (default)
st.access_tokenNoIn case of OAuth authorization - valid access_token

Query signature st.signature

If st.access_token is not empty secretKey is session_secret_key , in the other case secretKey is an application secret key.
Values must not be encoded.

If st.return isn’t empty:

md5("st.attachment=" + attachment + "st.return=" + return_url + secretKey);

If st.return is empty:

md5("st.attachment=" + attachment + secretKey);