Interstitial ads

Thanks to the in-game advertisement, developers can monetize their games by showing ads to the game audience and receiving rewards. It does not include any promotion of your game on OK.

Ad impressions will not be counted until you have entered into a contract.

To count ad impressions and receive rewards for them, you have to enter into the contract. Contact OK Games team in a moderation task for this.

All impressions that happened PRIOR TO entry into the contract will not be counted, and you will not receive rewards for them.

When enabling the ad monetization in your game, you need to comply with rules and recommendations on placing ads in games on the OK platform

This is another advertisement format designed to be viewed during breaks when playing.

With help of our SDK, developers can launch advertisement search and show them to the user. At the same time, this advertisement type does not require the user’s consent to watch it, unlike rewarded ads. However, it is better not to abuse it.

This method is used for displaying interstitial ads on all OK platforms:

Reward amount and statistics

Rewards that you will receive for users viewing your ads depend on the amount of ads that will be viewed in your game within a month.

They also depend on the platform where you display ads: for example, views on Android are counted separately from views on all other platforms. You can view the current reward sum for 1,000 ad impressions on every platform here: