Adverts Placement Rules for Games and Applications

OK Games platform provides a possibility to monetize your games and applications with in-app advertisements.

For your app to be approved all advert usages must follow rules listed in this document.

Also make sure you’ve signed an offer for using advertisements. If offer is not signed you won’t get a reward for showing adverts in your applications:

In case you are a non-resident please contact our team in game’s moderation task in

Allowed advert formats

We provide two different format for this type of monetization:

Both formats can be implemented in your app with our SDK.

Platform recommendations

Here you can find useful recommendations about how to implement both types of adverts in your game or application. Following them is highly recommended but first your implementation must not break any rules listed on a next chapter of this document.

Reward ads recommendations

Using this type of ads means after each successful view of an ad by a user he must be rewarded in-game.

For example this ads format can be used for:

  • granting a user another try / or life on a level after he wasted all of them;
  • providing user with a tip or game bonus;
  • providing user with some in-game currency or other valuable items.

This mechanic must contain following steps:

  • game shows an offer to view an ad in a game. Offer block should contain information about prize he gets after ad view;
  • user starts an ad manually. Ad starts only at a moment user approved that he want to view an ad;
  • ad runs for a user (some type of ads can be skipped at this point);
  • ad is viewed. User is granted with a prize after and game informs him about it. If an ad is skipped user is not granted with prize but still gets a notification.

Flow for this type of ads can be described like this:

Interstitial ads recommendations

This type of ads can be used while game changes it’s state from one to another. These ads must not break an organic game’s flow and should only complement it. Showing ads in any unexpected way is highly prohibited.

Following examples describe allowed usages for this ads format:

  • game is switching to the next level after previous one is finished;
  • current level is finished with a negative result (i.e. user has lost);
  • opening other game’s state. I.e. page of some game object / other player’s page.

Summing up all previous information, interstitial ads can be show when a user expects some kind of state transition in a game. These ads can be shown when user has finished active phase and currently waits till next active phase is started.

And when user still stays at an active phase of a game or makes some action which does not suppose to have any actions that can interrupt it, ads of this format can not be shown.

Flow for this type of ads can be described like this:

Adverts usage rules

All listed rules must be followed for your app to be approved on our platform. If game breaks any rule from this list either before or after it’s launch on our platform it can be removed from it or ads can be disabled for an app.

If we detect any ads misuses you will be informed about it and provided with a deadline for issue to be fixed.

General rules for all adverts

  1. Usage of any third party advertisement services is prohibited.
  2. Any user action automation tools are prohibited. This is considered as fraud.
  3. Showing ads while user is not active is prohibited.
  4. Showing ads less than once in 30 seconds after it is installed by a user is prohibited.

Interstitial ads rules

  1. Showing ads at an active phase of a gameplay is prohibited. Ads must complement organic game’s flow and be shown while game state is at transition.
  2. Showing ads on opening a substate with gameplay interruption is prohibited. I.e. these states are considered as substates: opening settings menu, opening in-game store.

Rewarded ads rules

Following rules can be ignored in a case rewarded ads are used as a fallback mechanism for interstitial ads. Otherwise you can’t break these rules:

  1. Showing an ad without user’s approve is prohibited. All views are initiated only by users.
  2. Not granting user with a reward after a successful view is prohibited.