Test ads and test payments for game developers

OK Games Platform supports testing mode for both in-game payments and in-game ads.

Test modes are supported on all OK platforms and are available by default to all developers.

Payments test mode allows you to implement in-app payments without spending real OKs while developing this feature and allows you to test all payment types:

Same can be said about ads test mode. It is supported for all ad formats that our SDK provides:

How to enable test mode

To enable test mode you need to:

  • acquire developer rights. You can become a developer here;
  • have developer rights in a game you are developing. Developer rights in a game can be granted by app’s uploader. Here is how roles are granted for a game;
  • for payments only - role “Payments tester” must be granted to a user.

After all requirements are matched you are allowed to enable or disable test mode for ads and payments in a game.

Test mode can be set from multiple sources and is global. You don’t need to enable or disable it an all platforms - one is enough.

How to enable test mode on desktop

In app settings new tab is available for all developers - personal settings:

How to enable test mode on mobile web

New developer’s menu is available directly on game’s page:

How to enable test mode on android

On android developer’s menu is a part of game’s menu: