Play a game task in OK’s gamification service

To apply use following form - apply for promo

OK’s gamification service is a service that provides a number of daily and weekly activities for our users. When a user completes such activities he is rewarded with a special “rubies” currency that can be spent on various services OK that provides.

On of such activities is a “Play a game [X] for 5 minutes” task.

Two types of game-centered activities are available for users:

  • a series of periodically updated game tasks. List of games is formed by OK’s game platform team. This is a regular task series that is available for all users at any time;
  • a single game task.

In both cases a game can be featured in gamification service. To make it to this list you need to apply for promo and pass a moderation process successfully.

How to apply

To apply for promo you need to specify this information:

  • game that you want to apply with;
  • period of a promo.

You can also specify following optional parameters of a promo

  • an image of a game that will be used as a task icon (size - 128x128, format - png). If not provided, default game icon will be used;
  • user requirements such as gender, age, last activity date in a game or a last payment date in a game.

Promotion period

Base period for which “Play a game” task is active is 2 weeks.

If promo is successful we reserve a right to extend promo period for another week or 2-3 weeks.

Additional information

To detect if user launched a game from a promo you can user refplace parameter passed to a game. For such launches PROMO_SHOP (id = 193) refplace will be used.