In-app ads are not intended to be used to advertise your app. It is a different way to monetize non-paying players of your game.

To get advertisement placement reward a contract is required:

Make sure your app follows all rules and recommendations for adverts in games and applications.

On Odnoklassniki there does exist another way to monetize non-paying players of you game via special video advertisements.

By using our SDK developer can get an ad for displaying it to a player and grant him some in-game currency or other bonuses in case of a successful ad view.

In-app ads are supported for all WEB applications and Mobile HTML (Instant) applications.

Ad types

Depending on a platform two types of ads are available for user:

Main difference is payment fees. Android ads are payed for a bit more than videoads.

To implement both types of ads you are required to use only two SDK methods on all platforms: