Banner advertising is an ad type that is a sticky banner in the upper or the lower part of the user’s device screen that updates automatically.

Ad impressions will not be counted until you have entered into a contract.

To count ad impressions and receive rewards for them, you have to enter into the contract. Contact OK Games team in a moderation task for this.

All impressions that happened PRIOR TO entry into the contract will not be counted, and you will not receive rewards for them.

When enabling the ad monetization in your game, you need to comply with rules and recommendations on placing ads in games on the OK platform

Unlike other ad types, banner ads can be viewed during an active game session.

Following FAPI SDK methods are available to work with banner advertising:

Reward amount and statistics

This advertisement format is paid for in the same way as other formats:

  • the preliminary views statistics are available in the game statistics in the “Advertising” tab, in the “Banner ad impressions on the Android platform” chart;
  • the calculation of income earned for ad impressions in the pervious month is executed monthly, at the start of a next month;
  • at the moment of publishing the news, the reward amount is as follows:
    • a reward for 1,000 ad impressions on the Android platform: 30 rubles (VAT included);
    • a reward for 1,000 ad impressions on other platforms: 20 rubles (VAT included).

Auto show mode for banner ads

Banner ads can also be shown in a game without using any SDK methods - via using auto show mode.

This mode can be enabled in your app’s settings:

Two options are available at the moment:

  • banner is shown on top of a game with an offset;
  • banner is shown under a game with an offset.

When mode is enabled ads are automatically shown:

  • when a game is launched ads start to load for a user;
  • when ad is loaded it is automatically shown on a position set in app’s settings;
  • if ad was hidden by a user it won’t stop showing. When a new ad is loaded it will be shown on a same position as a closed ad.

Be aware of:

  • you can’t change banner’s position with SDK methods when auto show mode is enabled;
  • you can’t hide banner’s with SDK methods when auto show mode is enabled.

All banner renders are still available in game’s statistics page.

You’ll be rewarded the same amount of money as if ads were shown by calling SDK methods yourself.