The field set of action on a feedback event

Subscription description

One friend for a top of friends

Description of possible action in notification.

Description of category element of client UI.

The counters for notification category.

Description of checkbox element of client UI.

Description of possible action of mass operation on many notifications.

Descriptor of effect on list of notifications when mass operation is executed.

This object contains information about mass operation on many notifications. This information should be displayed in UI on the client.

This structure describes the notification.

This structure represents object or entity which usually can be visualized as square avatar and has deep link for navigation to page in client application with detailed information about given object.

This is structure which contains displayable text.

This is structure which contains displayable text.

Miniapp application description required to run it

This is information about server changes in notification list. It is passed from server to client via WebSocket API.

Response of a method of acquiring an URL to upload a file to chat graph.user.fileUploadUrl

BotApi subscription

Short application description

Short application description

Info about default user profile cover

Object containing entities

Badge to display on game’s card

Information about user profile cover image

User profile cover

Weather forecast

Weather forecast for the period in days

Application permissions

Application platforms

List of places to go to the game

The field set specifies fields that could be returned in response for a feedback.

Email confirmation portlet bean

Group cover change event

Feed with an event of user profile cover being changed

Present sending feed

Present sending comments feed

Main phone portlet bean

Enumeration for actions of Hobbie’s switch feed buttons

Present sending feed

Feed feedback form object to render

Data about group photo album

Fields for group photo album

Information about a group for displaying a link for it

Information about a user for displaying a link to them

Part of text in post, photo or video.

Question with answers for the motivator

Basic viral button (used by the majority of motivators)

Carousel of images user can choose from when posting the topic

Represents music album.

Represents music album.

Music album that perfectly matches to search request.

Describes musician.

Describes musician.

Music artist that perfectly matches to search request.

The result of sending the notification

Method notifications.sendMessage response

Method vk/notifications.sendMessage response

PhotoBook settings. You can get available settings via photoBook.getDesignSettings method

Offset of a photo

Album description

Pending registration data

Abstract response with true/false

Api response base class

Topics are composed from blocks. This block types are supported by search.

Represents short link

Statistical data about group topic

Friend from a top of friends

Type of top of friends

The descriptor of field sets to return from server to client. It is used to minimize the traffic and server load.

Album visibility. Wherever a list containing elements of such type is used, it is interpreted as a user filter with its elements joined by logical OR, for example [CLASSMATE, RELATIVE] means “available to users which are classmates or relatives”.

Email confirmation status info

EmailConfirmationBean fields

Hashtag search filter

User data fields

Information for accessing a live stream

Information about a video

Video subscription payment information

Information about statistic pixel

Information about statistic pixel parameter

Information of stream orientation change

Chat event type for bot api subscriptions